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Product Benefits

E-commerce through marketplaces presents great selling opportunities, but you need to come to the party prepared. Optiseller can identify, fix and anticipate any issues with your listings, so you can leverage your e-commerce data to get ahead of the game. 

Identify listing issues

Optiseller lets you identify which listings need work to perform their best. 


Take tangible actions with Optiseller that lets you save time and gives you the data you need to act. 

Fix and optimize

Automation will accelerate your marketplace data processing and grow your business at scale. 

Product Features

Are you struggling to get traction on eBay? Have your sales dropped?

Optimizing your eBay listings is essential to gaining visibility and converting visibility into sales. 

Optiseller makes eBay listing optimization a breeze.

Discover popular item specifics

Know what sellers are searching for, so you can focus on the data that matters. 

Remove non-performing duplicates

Removing stagnant or duplicate listings increases your visibility online. 

Automatically complete item specifics

Optiseller lets you automatically complete your listings so there is no need for manual review.

Monitor vital store and listing KPIs

Monitoring vital KPIs is crucial to prioritising your work accordingly. 

Improve GTIN data

Optimise your listings by validating GTINs with our tools. 

Export all listing data

Export your data in a file format that suits you, letting you control your listing data.

The Pricing Plan

A choice of 3 plans to suit your business. 

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Billed monthly based on a 12 month term

1 Store

For new businesses that are getting started 

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Billed monthly based on a 12 month term

Up to 5 stores

For growing businesses that want more 

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Billed monthly based on a 12 month term

Up to 25 stores

For high-volume businesses and agencies 

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✅ Bulk update item specifics                ✅ Monitor vital store and listing KPIs 

✅ Remove non-performing duplicates         ✅ Match products to  import listing data

Including top features:

✅Bulk update item specifics 

✅Monitor vital store and listing KPIs 

✅Remove non-performing duplicates 

✅Match products to  import listing data