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Save time, increase your visibility and sell more on eBay.

If you're selling on eBay, the key to growth is understanding performance and areas for improvement. Having an optimised view of your marketplace data helps to make the right decisions for your business.

Optiseller automates the process for you, so you can update your listings quickly and easily. Check your listings, categories and active promotions, improve your item specifics and keep on top of your eBay store data with the store performance dashboard.


Manage and optimise your listings

Improve, review and update item specifics to enhance the visibility of your marketplace store.

Grow your business

Monitor your performance from a single dashboard and automate your operations to scale with your business success.

Save time 

Stay ahead of eBay's Item Specifics mandates and requirements with Optiseller's timesaving tools.

"Through working with Optiseller our eBay sales and all round performance have sky rocketed! The knowledge they share and approach they teach has been invaluable and seen us make incremental increases in virtually all our KPIs. Most importantly they've given us the confidence and know how to be confident going forwards that eBay will be a strong performing platfrom for us." 

P Walsh
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Starter Plan

£25 per month


  •   Store Performance Dashboard
  •   Aspect Finder+
  •   Single Listing Review
  •   Category Lookup Tool
  •   Promotion Checker
  •   GS1 GTIN Report
  •   Duplicate Listings
  •   Download Listings
  •   Easy Product
  •   Unsold Item Report


  • Discover and manage popular item specifics
  • Monitor vital store and listing KPIs
  • Remove non-performing duplicate listings to boost sales
  • Find product matches to quickly import listing data
  • Scale up your eBay store, not just your listings
  • Automatically complete item specific suggestions
  • Export your listing data to use with other sites and tools
  • Get early visibility and be the first to know about new eBay mandated changes
  • Monitor competitor performance
  • Understand product performance on your store
  • Identify listings with poor sales history

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